Aladino restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm and from 19:30 pm to 23:00 pm. You can book by phone calling this numer 02.2040.27.34,or you can fill out the booking module located in the contact page.
We also have a parking lot which is located in Via Manicotti 23.


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Bellydance brings a wonderful message of joy and beauty, it’s a celebration of femininity.

The dancer might improvise moves depending on her feelings. Sweetness, anger, joy or melancholy are expressed more with movements than with words.

Probably originated in India as a sacred dance, belly dancing spread first in Persia and then inTurkey and Egypt,preserving its nature of ritual dance and fertility initiation, practiced in the arabian world by  women in occasion of parties and private celebrations. It was also the most important element of the agrarian festivities,in fact with this dance they asked the Gods good crop outcomes.
It has been passed down over the centuries and reinvented until it became the ethnic heritage of the south Mediterranean populations.

The West discovered the existence of this world in the nineteenth century thanks to the French voyagers,who made sure that this dance became the symbol of a dreamy oriental sensuality.