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Aladino restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm and from 19:30 pm to 23:00 pm. You can book by phone calling this numer 02.2040.27.34,or you can fill out the booking module located in the contact page.
We also have a parking lot which is located in Via Manicotti 23.


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Syrian culinary tradition it’s one of the oldest in the world, rich in colors and different flavours, it’s characterized by the use of many spices.

Cold appetizers

10 courses of vegetables appetisers.

  • Baba ghanoug باباغنوج

    Eggplant pulp with vegetables and walnuts, seasoned with pomegranate sauce and olive oil.

  • Hommous ~حمص

    Chickpeas cream with sesame seeds sauce

  • Mutabal متبل

    Eggplant pulp with yogurt and sesame seeds sauce.

  • Muhamara محمرة

    Pepper cream with walnuts and pine nuts, cumin flavoured (spicy)

  • Taboulle تبولة

    Parsley salad with wheat and fresh mint

  • Yalangi يالنجي

    Vine leaves roll, stuffed with rice and vegetables, cooked with olive oil and lemon juice

  • Fasoulie فاصولية

    Mix of cold vegetables appetizers

  • Musakaa مسقعة

    Baked eggplant with tomatoes, pepper and chickpeas,cinnamon flavoured

  • Elraheb الراهب

    Pumpkin cream with sesame seeds sauce and yogurt

  • Zaytuon زيتون

    Green olives salad, cumin flavoured ,seasoned with pomegranate juice

  • Foul bel zet فول بالزيت

    Seasonal vegetables, with sautéed garlic and olive oil.

  • Mukhalalat مخللات

    Vegetables in vinegar.

Everyday we buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hot appetizers

  • Falafel - فلافل

    Fava beans and chickpeas balls, with vegetables coriander flavored

  • Bourak برك

    Puff pastry triangles, stuffed with cheese, poppy seeds and parsley.

  • Kebbe كبة

    Crispy wheat and beef meat, stuffed with lamb and pine nuts.

  • Patersh باطرش

    Lamb ragu sauce on a bed of eggplant pulp, with sesame seeds sauce.

  • Hommous belahme حمص بالحمة

    Carne di agnello, trifolata su crema di ceci.

  • Hommous belsnoubar حمص بالصنوبر

    Sautéed lamb meat on chickpeas cream.

  • Fatayer فطاير

    Fresh pasta stuffed with seasonal vegetables.

  • Foul badwe فول بدوة

    Legumes stew with sesame cream.

  • Misto caldo مقبلات حارة

    Tasting of hot appetizers: Falafel, bourak,kebbe,foul badwe.


Spoon dishes

Red lentils purèe
Vegetables purèe spicy flavored

Meat dishes

  • Kabab halabi كباب حلبي

    Lamb meatballs, coriander flavored

  • Cous cous di verdure كسكس خضار

    Typical Moroccan dish, steamed semolina cous cause with vegetables.

  • Cous cous belahme كسكس لحمة

    Typical moroccan dish, steamed semolina cous cous with vegetables and meat,spicy saffron and fresh coriander flavoured

  • Kabab belsnuobar كباب صنوبر

    Lamb kebabs with pine nuts,coriander flavoured

  • Kabab fustuk كباب فستق

    Lamb kebab with pistacho

  • Kabab orfali كباب أورفالي

    Lamb kebab with tomato

  • Kabab khushkhash كباب خشخاش

    Minced meat kebab, garlic flavoured

  • Akras belnaanaa أقراص بالنعنع

    Lamb mitballs,fresh mint flavoured

  • Shish tawouk شيش طاووق

    Turkey kebab, sweet and sour sauce marinated

  • Shish kabab شيش كباب

    Lamb kebab,seasoning flavoured

  • Awsal bakar أوصال بقر

    Beef kebab marinated in the oriental way

  • Riyash ريش

    Flavoured lamb chops

  • Sharhat mtafaie شرحات مطفاية

    Veal scallops, with fresh tomatoes and pine nuts

  • Dajaj musahab دجاج مسحب

    Marinated and grilled chicken leg

  • Bamia بامية

    Stewed lion croissants with tomato sauce, meat and rice

  • Mashawi مشاوي مشكلة

    Mix of lamb kebab, veal and turkey.

Fish dishes

Bream and brass

In the Syrian cuisine dishes may be grilled,cooked in the oven or fried.
You may choose different spices,such as: Saffron, cumin, coriander, garlic and lemon, sesame seed sauce.

Fish dishes have to be booked in order not to compromise their freshness.

Side dishes

  • French fries بطاطا
  • Flavoured rice with pine nuts and almonds رز بالشغيرية
  • Mixed salad seasoned with pomegranate sauce سلطة مع دبس الرمان
  • Armenian salad سلطة أرمنية
  • Khudar خضار بالزيت

    Cucumbers, tomatoes, salad, olives, oil and lemon (spicy)

Fruits and dessert

  • Muhallabia - مهلبية

    Arabic gum,pistachio and flower water flaured

  • Baklawa ~ بقلاوة

    Puff pastry cake with pistachio, cinnamon flavoured,with honey syrup

  • Kunafa كنافة

    Phyllo dough cake stuffed with ricotta,mascarpone and pistachio

  • Samiramis ساميرميس

    Mix of Syrian pastries

  • Seasonal fruits فواكه


The restaurant has a wine cellar with a wide selection of beers and red,white,rosè and sweet rainsin wines from the Lebanon.


  • Mineral water 1 liter
  • Mineral water 1/2 liter
  • Coke, fanta orange, sprite, orange juice.
  • Fruit juice
  • Airan
  • Mint tea
  • Red tea
  • Espresso
  • Turkish coffee
  • Barley coffee